Burnett Dairy Cooperative

Classic Provisions didn’t have to look very far when we set out to find high quality, yet affordable low-moisture Mozzarella and Provolone. Burnett Dairy Cooperative in Grantsburg, Wisconsin (only about 90 miles northeast of the Twin Cities) was one of the first cheesemakers outside of the traditional producers of Italian heritage to make Mozzarella in the U.S. when they began production in 1966. It was first established in 1896 with the Wood River Creamery and today has grown to a 230 dairy patron, farmer-owned cooperative that produces 90,000 pounds of cheese daily.

Burnett Dairy has earned a considerable amount of awards for their cheese over the past 10 years which isn’t surprising, considering that they employ two of the 50 licensed Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers (Steve Tollers and Bruce Willis). Burnett’s Mozzarella has everything you’re looking for – an excellent melter with a delicate milky sweet flavor and the right balance of salt. It’s perfect for pizza, a topper for lasagna, or a base for a grilled cheese. They also make a naturally smoked Mozzarella that gives just the right amount of subtle smokiness, allowing the flavor of the cheese to shine through, yet giving traditional recipes a twist. Burnett’s Provolone has a fuller, slightly piquant flavor and is a wonderful cheese for sandwiches, antipasti, and toppings for bruschetta, veal or chicken parmigiana, and pizza.

Classic Provisions currently offers young Provolone and three varieties of Mozzarella from Burnett Dairy: Whole Milk which has a richer flavor, Part-skim which tends to bubble and brown faster, and Smoked. All of these cheeses are rBST free and are made with vegetarian rennet. Be sure to try them all!