All Bloody Mary lovers have an idea of what makes the ideal cocktail.
Some like them light and citrusy, others- thick, bold, spicy, herby, sweet…. the sky’s the limit.

Any weekend warrior knows how many components go into making the epic drink and how much time it takes to dash, grind, shake, pour and squeeze your way to perfection.
All that love is labor intensive and led chemist and mixologist Wendy Winkler to create a speedy way to instant gratification.

Inspired by efficiency in bar service during her years as a bartender, Fast Mary’s was created to perfectly season a drink in a flash.

Based in the Twin Cities, Fast Mary’s bottles up two varieties of bloody mary enhancer to please your palate: Mild Bangin’ (dill inspired) and Hot & Bothered (original formula with added zing).

Simply add a dash or a dram of Fast Mary’s to the tomato (or V8 or Clamato) juice of your choice along with a jigger of spirit and you’re in business! Each 16oz bottle holds enough to mix 8-10 bloody mary cocktails. The formula is MSG free, gluten free and naturally vegan.
Fast Mary’s has more applications than just behind the bar, season vegetables or add it to a pot of chili. The flavors lend themselves to a variety of uses. See how Fast Mary’s can spice things up for you!


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