Olli New Flavors

Classic Provisions is happy to announce the addition of four new flavors of Olli salames to our offerings.

Olli Salumeria, produced in Manaki-Sabot, Virginia, begins with the best suited heritage breeds of Berkshire and Magolista pigs. Pasture-raised livestock are fed only a vegetarian diet and are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones; always raised to a mature age and weight.


This tangy and flavorful salame can be featured on pizza, sandwiches or enjoyed simply sliced with some good bread and cheese

Wild Boar

Their wild boar salame is smoked over applewood and has a unique flavor. The selected cuts used come from the lean shoulders and legs, giving it an almost purple color.


A sweet and understated earthy salame. The truffles truly enhance the flavor of the pork.


They use traditional pimenton de la vera to give their chorizo that classic taste.

Packed individually in paper-like pouches in a modified atmosphere which halts the aging process at just the right time, the links are 6 oz each and are covered in an easy to peel, light, powdery white rind. Offered in split case, increments of five or twenty per case.

Pleasantly chewy, discover the radiant and unadulterated flavors…created by the hands of a master.