Landmark Creamery

The sun is shining, the spring sheep milk season has resumed and one of our favorite recurrent offerings is back in rotation from Wisconsin’s Landmark Creamery. Petit Nuage, literally “little cloud” is not just a favorite of ours but also recently been judged a 2017 US Cheese Championship Gold Medal winner. Landmark Creamery which has been owned and operated by Anna Landmark and Anna Thomas Bates since 2013 is made in a leased creamery near Darlington, WI. Using 100% creamy sheep’s milk sourced from near-by Rewey, WI, the hand-crafted, fresh 1oz buttons are fluffy, creamy and extremely versatile. The bright, milky and clean-tasting cheese is smooth and spreadable yet can also be broken up or crumbled onto fresh greens or a prepared dish. Served on its own, the citrus and herbaceous qualities would be well matched with mild honey- maybe a drizzle of olive oil or snips of freshly cut herbs. Petit Nuage is packed four, 1oz buttons to a clamshell container, eight containers to a case. Classic Provisions is stocking it through the fall season. Other offerings from Landmark Creamery may be available by special order.


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