Mama Kicks Sauces & Marinades

Fueled by a love of travel and taste, Adina Dahlin has bottled a visit to some flavorful global destinations.
Based and produced in Minneapolis, this independent woman-owned company is producing three GMO-free, knock-out marinades and sauces, Mama Kicks Sauces and Marinades.

Chimichurri is a natural companion to grilled or barbequed meats with its bright herbaceous base complemented by red wine vinegar acidity and a backdrop of garlic and earthy spices. Enjoy marinated, spooned, brushed or basted onto meat as it cooks, it’s also enjoyed slathered onto meat as it rests or served on the side.

Berbere is traditionally an East African condiment. This thick tomato and onion-based sauce is heady with spice and aromatics, while sweet. This rich sauce makes a great stewing or simmer sauce and is a great dipping sauce that children love.

The Scotch Bonnet peppers bring the heat to the outstanding Jerk marinade. Nothing beats marinated chicken thighs slow cooked on a smoky grill. The heat from the peppers is perfectly paired with warm spices, lime and onion.

Mama Kicks does more than bring bold tastes home kitchens. A percentage of their sales is donated to small, grassroots organizations in the towns and villages where their recipes have their delicious origins, helping the women there achieve independence and success in business.


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