From the sky-blue waters of Northwestern Minnesota, Red Lake Nation Foods harvests some of the most beautiful natural Native American harvested wild rice in North America; the ONLY American Indian tribe in the U.S. that grows & harvests their own wild rice on local lands.

Botanically, wild rice differs from common rice, it’s a cereal grass that grows in shallow lakes and streams and ripens in late summer. Wild rice boasts higher nutrition than regular rice, with more protein, minerals, and B vitamins per serving. It’s low in fat and, like other pseudograins (such as quinoa and flaxseed), it’s gluten free.

As Minnesota’s official state grain, wild rice finds its place in creamy wild rice soup, nutty and nourishing sautés, stuffings, porridge, breads and more. It’s a quintessential Minnesota winter staple.

Classic Provisions offers Red Lake Nation 2X5lb cases of Premium Dark Roasted for foodservice, and a variety of bags and boxes for retailers.

Also available are a wild harvested fruit syrups and preserves. Tastes of the summer season at their peak ripeness.


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