Moon Rabbit

Throughout many cultures, but prominently in Aztec and several Asian, folklore tradition tells the story of the jade rabbit or “moon rabbit” who lives on the moon. An image which can be identified by markings or pareidolia on the moon’s surface and have run human’s imaginations wild since the beginning of mankind.
Imagination and creative flavors, no doubt fuel Deer Creek’s tastemaker Chris Gentine’s cheese, Moon Rabbit. In this far out 22 pound daisy wheel of aged Wisconsin cheddar, we find symbiotic flavors of sweet and creamy aged cheddar bathed in French Green Chartreuse. Herbacious and harmonious tastes of the botanical green liquor lend to a unique finish leaving the palate wanting for more.
All wrapped up in chartreuse colored foil with the signature woodland animal on the label, Moon Rabbit will no doubt become a celestial new favorite on your cheeseboard.


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