Red Table Meats

Classic Provisions is thrilled to announce that beginning in August, we’ll be partnering in distribution with Northeast Minneapolis’ Red Table Meat Company. Red Table’s simple promise: Good Meat Here. Beginning with fresh pork sourced from local, sustainable farms, charcutier Mike Philips and his team craft a wide variety of salumi. Collaborating with farmers from the beginning ensures a consistent quality and texture of meat which goes on to seasoning, processing, curing and aging. Every step of the way is controlled by traditional methods to always produce outstanding finished products. Small and large caliber salamis complement hams and whole muscle cures as well as fresh style sausages. The purity in flavor of Red Table Meats is unmatched. True high-quality pork meatiness is the predominant taste in all varieties laced with whispers of spice, wine, or smoke. Whether standing alone as an antipasto or incorporated into a recipe, all of the Red Table offerings bring unmatched freshness and a taste of the Midwest to your plate. Give us a call to learn more about all the offerings.


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