Beginning in November, Classic Provisions is always delighted to bring back a perennial favorite, Rush Creek Reserve.

Made by one of America’s most awarded cheese makers, Andy Hatch of Uplands Cheese, Rush Creek Reserve is only available for a short window of time. Lucky for us, it’s a time of the year when everyone enjoys a little indulgence.

Made with raw milk from the farm’s own Southwestern Wisconsin herd, Upland’s uses the milk from cows who have just converted from a fresh, pasture grazed summer diet to winter hay which results in milk rich in protein and milk fat.

Inspired by French cheese Vacherin Mont d’Or, the 12oz wheels are hooped in spruce bark and aged side-by-side in aging rooms with Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

At peak ripeness, Rush Creek’s rind can be delicately pulled back to reveal a spoonable, spreadable custard-like consistency. Silky and rich, flavors are savory, woodsy, meaty and satisfying.

With the majority of the cases reserved a month or more in advance of our first shipment, we nearly always have a few cases available for impulse buys (4X12oz/case). Please give us a call to order in a decadent taste of the exceptional Rush Creek Reserve.


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