La Quercia Rustix

With a belief that the lush and prosperous Iowa landscape could produce pork, Prosciutto and Speck style hams to rival any producer, Herb and Kathy Eckhouse founded La Quercia, Hand Crafted Cured Meats.

Based in Norwalk, Iowa, the couple took their passion for great food and eating well and have applied consistent and rigid standards from farm sourcing to production.

While it all started with the acclaimed Prosciutto Americano, La Quercia has extended their lineup to utilize every part of the pork they procure.

Newest to their offerings are Rustix Salami Sticks; essentially thin salami sticks, available in Smokey and Spicy.

All natural and shelf stable, these Berkshire pork salamis are Step 3 Global Animal Partnership certified and non-GMO. No questionable fillers or preservatives here. Nothing but pure pork goodness and punchy, protein-packed flavor.

Packed in 12X12oz peggable packaging, these sticks are a great portable snack but also an elegant addition to a charcuterie or cheese board.

If you’re already a fan of La Quercia, you know you’ll love ‘em. If this is your first taste, what a great starting point to discover their line up of prosciuttos, speck, pancetta, salamis and more. Enjoy!


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