Terroir /ter-ˈwär/: Taste of Place. The environmental factors which influence distinctive flavors and character.

Fergus Falls Minnesota may seem a long distance from places like Bolivia, Haiti, Madagascar or Guatemala, but provenances half way around the globe blend into harmonious flavors.

Relatively new to the chocolate industry, Terroir Chocolate owners Kristin and Josh Mohagen set out in 2013 to create special flavors from cacao growing regions (mainly in South America) and transform them into luxurious chocolate bars, many of which are flavored with tastes of Minnesota.

Beginning with a dream and equipped with a grinder and ambition, they set out to create unique chocolate bars which set themselves apart from the rest.

With combined backgrounds in business and culinary, the formula for Terroir Chocolate developed, fueled by research and practice. The result: extraordinary.


Bean to bar production by Terroir begins with raw cacao beans which are roasted in their Fergus Falls facility and separated from shells before going on to conching. Time and blending all depend on the natural attributes of the chocolate. Some are fruity and floral while others are earthy, nutty, spicy or have aromas of caramel.

Unique flavorings and inclusions adorn some of the bars to complement characteristics and cacao content while Single Origin bars shine in their simplicity.

Elegantly packaged in 10x2oz bars to a case, Classic Provisions is currently stocking Caramel Crack, Lemon Poppyseed, Salty Nibber, Café Au Lait and 77% Sea Salt Dark. (also available with quick turn-around: Wild Orange, Lavender, Scorpion Pepper, Peppermint and Harvest Seed)

Taste for yourself how this truly Minnesotan company transforms chocolate into an incomparable Taste of Place.


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