Togo Su Products

The site of tens of thousands of stoneware pots blinking in the sun along the hilly coasts lines of southern Japan is truly a site to behold. Togo-Su Vinegar is a handmade Rice Vinegar which is brewed following a tradition dating back to the Edo period 200 years ago. Using only three ingredients, local organic brown rice, brown rice koji and mountain spring water, these are combined carefully into century old stoneware pots and allowed to naturally ferment in this open micro-climate. Following the addition of natural green tea matcha, fruits or botanicals, these vinegars become modern staples with respect to craft. Expect complex flavors ranging from spicy to earthy to fruity to herbaceous, all with moderate acidity. Classic Provisions carries Macha Rice Vinegar, Ume Shiso Plum, Ginger Rice Vinegar and Persimmon Vinegar all packed in 1.8 liter bottles.


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